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If style, great looks, and function are important, the Jordan&Judy Honeycomb series hydration bottles are for you! Our designers worked hard to develop this #1 seller in our line. The Honeycomb bottle sets itself above the competition by using thermal-resistant Borosilicate glass. This means these bottles can withstand temperature extremes from boiling hot to freezing cold without breakage. Though Borosilicate glass is much more expensive to manufacture than our competitors inexpensive soda lime or recycled glass, Jordan&Judy can offer this superior product at prices competitive with those lesser quality products. Available in 3 sizes, and 4 trend setting colors, the Honeycomb is sure to turn heads at the gym ... Enjoy!

Jordan&Judy-Bottles HD_Moment_honeycomb.jpg
Jordan&Judy-Bottles HD_Moment_honeycomb2.jpg
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