Our Story


Jordan & Judy are real people! Jordan is a design fanatic. Judy is an intellectual who seeks out the practical functions of art. Inspired during a vacation, the happy couple created a brand that balances beauty, innovation and taste. Jordan & Judy aim to deliver an artistic element to modern families by providing trend setting, affordable products.


The Concept

Based on attention and respect to the modern lifestyle, Jordan & Judy balances need with innovative product design, The results are reinvented products to render life fun, comfortable and able to create an emotional connection. We think J&J consumers are positive, optimistic and bold in trying new things. They pursue individuality and taste, have their own unique perspective on life, and desire to enjoy a quality of life that is in sync with the soul.


Our Design Team

Jordan & Judy employs more than 20 senior household appliance designers and exclusive designer teams at home and abroad (including the senior household appliances designer team in the United States) to create original and unique products with an international vision, and to maintain competitiveness with the latest products.



We only use High-Density Borosilicate Glass for our water bottles and glassware. The addition of Boron Oxide produces a glass that can handle temperature changes, is resistant to thermal shock and less likely to break and shatter. Borosilicate glass is BPA free, BPS free, Lead free and Pthalate free.



Jordan & Judy has 6 self-owned factories, each of which is staffed up with a team of professional structural designers to support the realization of original ID design, and effectively protect product quality with advanced technological standards, as well as strict control of manufacturing and pricing.

The blend of international experience, local understanding, creative ability and design integrity gives rise to timeless solutions which are commercially-feasible and cost effective.
— Jordan Law